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After-Hours Emergency Feline Care in Minneapolis, MN

Feline Well-being is Our Top Priority

It's past veterinary clinic hours and your feline is in urgent need of medical attention. Do you know who to turn to? For after-hours emergency care service, contact the pet care partners of Kitty Klinic in Minneapolis, MN. We are affiliated with several veterinary centers that operate at all hours. From minor wounds to severe illnesses, our partners are fully equipped to treat and monitor various types of pet conditions.

After hours emergency care is available in several metro locations, including:

European Shorthair kitten - cat care in Minneapolis, MN

Get After Hours Emergency Care

Making sure that your cat gets the medical attention it needs, even after normal vet clinic hours, is a top priority. Contact the veterinary partners of Kitty Klinic using the information listed on this page to take advantage of their round-the-clock pet care services.